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The PCGS World’s Finest Morgan Dollar Collection

The PCGS World’s Finest Morgan Dollar Collection

ANA Convention August 22-26, 1990

John W. Highfill’s contributions and comparisons

Finest PCGS Morgan Grades Known as of 1990-91


The John W. Highfill Finest Morgan & Peace Silver Dollar Collection 1986-89
The First Historical Assembled Certified PCGS Morgan & Peace Dollar Collection

John’s Premier Collection was later sold to Jack R. Lee in 1992

Jack R. Lee collection at that time became the Finest Know Silver Dollar Collection

Jack’s collection was eventually sold @ auction & Private Parties 2008-09

Lloyd Gabbert currently establishes the finest known circa. 2009-2014

John W. Highfill

Pedigree First Original Finest Known Morgans Collection 1986-1990

1878-P 7/8 St   MS65

1878-P 8TF  MS66

1879-CC        MS65 – Capped Die

1897-CC        MS65

1879-O         PF64 – Branch Mint Proof

1879-S          MS68

1879-S Rev ’78  MS65

1880-CC Rev ‘78 MS66

1880-CC Rev ’78 MS65 DMPL

1880-O         MS65 PL

1881-CC        MS67

1881-O         MS65

1881-S          MS68

1882-O/S     MS64

1883-P          MS67

1883-S          MS65

1884-P          MS67

1885-O         MS67

1886-P          MS67

1887-S          MS66

1889-O         MS66

1889-S          MS66

1890-O         MS66

1890-S          MS66

1891-P          MS65

1892-S          MS67

1893-P          MS65

1893-CC     PR64 – Branch Mint Proof

1893-CC        MS65

1894-O         MS65

1895-P *(Proof) PR67

1895-S          MS65

1896-P          MS65 DMPL

1897-P          MS67

1897-O         MS67

1899-P          MS66

1900-P          MS66

1900-0/CC   MS66

1900-S          MS66

1901-O         MS66

1901-S          MS66

1902-P          MS67

1903-O         MS67

1904-P          MS65

1904-S          MS65 PL

1921-D          MS66

1921-S          MS65







The John W. Highfill Morgan Silver and Peace Dollar Collection was painstakingly assembled with a dedicated effort, and upgraded to its present status over a number of years. Thousands of Morgan and Peace dollars were viewed and rejected in order to find the specimens contained in this collection. Most of these dollars are the “Finest Know” and are also PQ gems. The aura emanating from this complete set is very exciting indeed! The collection of PLs and DMPLs alone can take your breath away.  The majority of the Morgan DMPL Morgans were Cameo. This set is the First and most “totally” complete, along with being the highest quality “CERTIFIED” Morgan and Peace Dollar collection ever assembled by a private individual. This collection consists of MS, PL and DMPL categories containing the finest know examples. PCGS designates DMPL for Deep Mirror Proof like, while NGC designates DPL for Deep Proof like for all their Morgan Silver Dollars. The John W. Highfill collection by itself alone, would rival the PCGS World’s finest collection assembled by multiple private individual dollars. If fact, many of the below listed coins were selected as part of the “PCGS World’s Finest Morgan Silver Dollars” Tour. At the time of its completion the “Wonder” set contained the following coins. There have been many coins graded higher since this collection was assembled. This was as stated above the first certified finest know collection.

This collection was later sold to Jack R. Lee and along with other upgraded dollars became his Finest Know Collection!

Abbreviations Used:

Finest known examples – 133 examples

* None graded higher by any certified grading service

*PAF = Parallel Arrow Feathers

*SAF = Slanted Arrow Feathers

1B = One grade better known – 70 Examples

2B = Two grades better known – 4 Examples


1878-P 7TF Rev. ‘78 MS66 PCGS* 1888-S MS65 PCGS 1B
1878-P 7TF Rev. ‘78 MS65 PL PCGS* 1888-S MS65 DMPL NGC*
1878-P 7/8 Strong MS65 PCGS* 1889-P MS66 PCGS 1B
1878-P 7/8 Weak MS65 PCGS* 1889-P MS65 DMPL PCGS*
1878-P 7TF Rev. ‘79 MS65 PCGS* 1889-CC MS64 DMPL PCGS 1B
1878-P 8TF MS66 PCGS* 1889-O MS66 PCGS*
1878-CC MS66 PCGS 1B 1889-O MS65 PL PCGS*
1878-CC MS65 PL PCGS 1B 1889-S MS66 PCGS*
1878-CC MS66 DMPL PCGS* 1890-P MS65 PCGS*
1878-S MS67 PCGS* 1890-P MS65 PL PCGS*
1878-S MS65 PL PCGS 2B 1890-CC MS65 PCGS 1B
1878-S MS66 DMPL PCGS 1B 1890-CC Tail Bar MS65 PCGS*
1879-P MS65 PCGS 1B 1890-CC MS65 DMPL PCGS*
1879-P MS65 PL PCGS* 1890-O MS66 PCGS*
1879-CC MS65 PCGS* 1890-S MS66 PCGS*
1879-CC MS64 DMPL PCGS* 1891-P MS65 PCGS 1B
1879-CC Capped Die MS65 NGC* 1891-CC MS66 PCGS*
*1879-O Branch Mint Proof PR64** PCGS* 1891-CC MS65 PL PCGS*
1879-O MS65 PCGS 1B 1891-CC MS65 DMPL PCGS*
1879-S SAF MS68 PCGS* 1891-O MS65 PCGS*
1879-S SAF MS66 PL PCGS 1B 1891-S MS66 PCGS 1B
1879-S SAF MS66 DMPL PCGS* 1891-S MS65 PL PCGS*
1879-S Rev. ‘78 PAF MS65 PCGS 1B 1892-P MS65 PCGS*
1880-P MS65 PCGS 1B 1892-P MS65 PL PCGS*
1880-P MS65 PL PCGS* 1892-CC MS66 PCGS*
1880-P MS65 DMPL PCGS* 1892-CC MS65 PL PCGS*
1880-CC SAF MS66 PCGS 1B 1892-O MS65 PCGS*
1880-CC SAF MS65 DMPL PCGS* 1892-S MS67 PCGS*
1880-CC REV. ’78 PAF MS66 PCGS* 1893-P MS65 PCGS*
1880-CC Rev. ’78 PAF MS65 DMPL PCGS* 1893-CC Branch Mint Proof PR64** PCGS 1B
1880-O MS65 PCGS* 1893-CC MS65 PCGS*
1880-O MS65 PL PCGS* 1893-O MS65 PCGS*
1880-S MS68 PCGS 1B 1893-S MS65 PCGS 1B
1880-S MS66 DMPL PCGS 1B 1894-P MS66 PCGS*
1881-P MS66 PCGS* 1894-O MS65 PCGS*
1881-P MS65 DMPL PCGS* 1894-S MS66 PCGS 1B
1881-CC MS67 PCGS* 1895-P (Proof) MS67 PCGS*
1881-O MS65 PCGS* 1895-O MS65 PCGS 1B
1881-CC MS66 DMPL PCGS* 1895-S MS65 PCGS 1B
1881-S MS68 PCGS* 1895-S MS66 PL PCGS*
1881-S MS66 PL PCGS 1B 1896-P MS66 PCGS*
1881-S MS66 DMPL PCGS 1B 1896-P MS66 PL PCGS*
1882-P MS66 PCGS 1B 1896-P MS65 DMPL PCGS*
1882-P MS65 DMPL PCGS* 1896-O MS64 PCGS 1B
1882-CC MS66 PCGS 1B 1896-S MS65 PCGS 1B
1882-CC MS65 PL PCGS 1B 1897-P MS67 PCGS*
1882-CC MS66 DMPL PCGS* 1897-P MS65 DMPL PCGS*
1882-O MS66 PCGS 2B 1897-O MS67 PCGS*
1882-O MS65 PL PCGS* 1897-S MS68 PCGS*
1882-O/S MS64 PCGS* 1897-S MS66 PL PCGS 1B
1882-S MS67 PCGS 1B 1897-S MS65 DMPL PCGS 1B
1882-S MS65 PL PCGS 2B 1898-P MS66 PCGS 1B
1882-S MS66 DMPL PCGS* 1898-P MS65 PL PCGS*
1883-P MS67 PCGS* 1898-P MS65 DMPL PCGS 1B
1883-P MS65 PL PCGS* 1898-O MS67 PCGS*
1883-P MS65 DMPL PCGS 1B 1898-O MS66 PL PCGS*
1883-CC MS67 PCGS* 1898-O MS66 DMPL PCGS 1B
1883-CC MS66 PL PCGS PL 1898-S MS66 PCGS*
1883-CC MS66 DMPL PCGS* 1898-S MS65 DMPL PCGS*
1883-O MS66 PCGS 1B 1899-P MS66 PCGS*
1883-O MS66 PL PCGS* 1899-P MS65 PL PCGS*
1883-O MS66 DMPL PCGS* 1899-P MS65 DMPL PCGS 1B
1883-S MS65 PCGS* 1899-O MS67 PCGS*
1884-P MS67 PCGS* 1899-O MS66 DMPL PCGS 1B
1884-P MS65 PL PCGS 1B 1899-S MS66 PCGS 1B
1884-P MS66 DMPL NGC* 1899-S MS65 PL PCGS 1B
1884-CC MS66 PCGS 2B 1899-S MS65 DMPL PCGS*
1884-CC MS66 PL PCGS* 1900-P MS66 PCGS*
1884-CC MS66 DMPL PCGS* 1900-P MS65 PL PCGS 1B
1884-O MS66 PCGS 1B 1900-P MS65 DMPL PCGS*
1884-O MS65 PL PCGS 1B 1900-O MS66 PCGS 1B
1884-O MS66 DMPL PCGS* 1900-O MS65 PL PCGS 1B
1884-S MS65 PCGS 1B 1900-O MS65 DMPL PCGS*
1885-P MS67 PCGS 1B 1900-O/CC MS66 PCGS*
1885-P MS66 PL PCGS* 1900-S MS66 PCGS*
1885-P MS66 DMPL PCGS* 1901-P MS64 PCGS 1B
1885-CC MS67 PCGS* 1901-O MS66 PCGS*
1885-CC MS66 DMPL PCGS* 1901-O MS66 PL PCGS*
1885-O MS67 PCGS* 1901-O MS65 DMPL PCGS*
1885-O MS66 PL PCGS* 1901-S MS66 PCGS*
1885-O MS66 DMPL PCGS* 1902-P MS67 PCGS*
1885-S MS66 PCGS 1B 1902-P MS65 PL PCGS 1B
1885-S MS65 PL PCGS* 1902-O MS66 PCGS*
1886-P MS67 PCGS* 1902-O MS65 PL PCGS 1B
1886-P MS66 DMPL PCGS* 1902-O MS65 DMPL PCGS*
1886-O MS64 PCGS* 1902-S MS66 PCGS 1B
1886-O MS64 DMPL PCGS 1B 1903-P MS67 PCGS*
1886-S MS65 PCGS 1B 1903-P MS65 PL PCGS 1B
1886-S MS65 PL PCGS* 1903-O MS67 PCGS*
1887-P MS67 PCGS* 1903-O MS66 PL PCGS*
1887-P MS66 PL PCGS* 1903-O MS65 DMPL PCGS 1B
1887-P MS66 DMPL PCGS* 1903-S MS66 PCGS 1B
1887/6-P MS65 PCGS* 1904-P MS65 PCGS 1B
1887-O MS65 PCGS* 1904-O MS67 PCGS*
1887-O MS65 PL PCGS* 1904-O MS65 PL PCGS 1B
1887/6-O MS63 PCGS 1B 1904-O MS66 DMPL PCGS*
1887-S MS66 PCGS* 1904-O MS66 DPL NGC*
1888-P MS66 PCGS 1B 1904-S MS65 PCGS*
1888-P MS66 PL PCGS* 1904-S MS65 PL PCGS*
1888-P MS65 DMPL PCGS 1B 1921-P MS66 PCGS 1B
1888-O MS65 PCGS 1B 1921-P MS65 PL PCGS*
1888-O MS65 PL PCGS* 1921-D MS66 PCGS*
1888-O MS65 DMPL PCGS 1B 1921-S MS65 PCGS*
1921-P MS66 PCGS* 1926-D MS67 PCGS*
1922-P MS66 PCGS 1B 1926-S MS67 PCGS*
1922-D MS66 PCGS* 1927-P MS66 PCGS*
1922-S MS66 PCGS* 1927-D MS66 PCGS*
1923-P MS67 PCGS* 1927-S MS66 PCGS*
1923-D MS66 PCGS* 1928-P MS66 PCGS*
1923-S MS67 PCGS* 1928-S MS65 PCGS*
1924-P MS66 PCGS* 1934-P MS66 PCGS*
1924-S MS65 PCGS* 1934-D MS66 PCGS*
1925-P MS67 PCGS* 1934-S MS66 PCGS*
1925-S MS65 PCGS* 1935-P MS66 PCGS*
1926-P MS66 PCGS* 1935-S MS66 PCGS*


MS = Mint State

PL = Prooflike

DPL = Deep Prooflike (NGC)

DMPL = Deep Mirror Prooflike            (PCGS)


**Branch Mint Proof



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