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Gary Adkins joined forces in an affiliate relationship with DLRC in 2017, where he is currently the National Numismatics Director. He has over 50 years of numismatic experience, serving as a member and past president of the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG), a member of The American Numismatic Association and current President, and also serves as president of Gary Adkins and Associates. A collector himself, Gary has spent his career buying, selling and personally collecting rare coins. He currently has a office in Minneapolis, MN, but you’re likely to see him behind the DLRC table on the bourse floor of nearly all regional and national coin shows.

NSDR Member # 150

Awards: NSDR Board of Governors, Red & Blue Book Contributor, Past PNG President, ANA Board Member, President’s Award 2015, NSDR Man of the Year 2017, ANA President 2017-2019

Company: National Numismatic Director
David Lawrence Rare Coins
PO Box 398018
Minneapolis, MN 55439-8018



Phone: 952-835-2244
(Toll Free) 877-264-6383
Fax 952-835-2266
Cellular 612-867-4617

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