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NSDR Presidents Message & (Farewell)

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday Season during Thanksgiving and Christmas and will have a wonderful New Year coming up this week!

Since the last Presidents message, I have attended shows in Denver and Las Vegas twice.   Both show venues were attended very well and business was surprisingly good!   Hopefully they are in your area as well.   I was so looking forward to attending the FUN show, the ANA in Phoenix, and the Long Beach Show, but these have all been cancelled at this point, as you probably already know.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed for Central States… make it happen….Larry Shepherd!

This has certainly been an unusual time for not only our business, but our great country.  I hope you have stayed healthy and positive.   In August I wrote about the positive things we can focus on.   I hope you were able to focus on the positives and keep moving forward.   Please reach out if needed.   There are so many good people and friends in this business.  Keep in touch with them.   Remember:

“In every adversity, there is a seed of equal or greater opportunity”.   Napolean Hill.

As I mentioned in the August Presidents Message, the  NSDR™ Officer terms are ending in a few days.    I have been honored to serve as the NSDR™ President for 2 Terms and I will be passing the reins off to the next President….Don Rinkor!   I appreciate that Don is stepping up and has volunteered to lead the NSDR™ through the next 8 Years!!!!
LOL— just kidding Don!

In all seriousness:  these last few years have allowed me to grow tremendously.   We have accomplished a lot these past 4 years….. I thought about listing all the accomplishments, but what really matters is not what we have done, but what we have left to do… that matters most.  I thank you for your support these last four years and ask for your continued support for the new NSDR™ Board going forward!

I pass the Gavel and the reins to your new President: “Don Rinkor”.   I  know he has unique strengths that he is bringing to the table and will serve the  NSDR™ well.


Jeff Wuller, NSDR™ President

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