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by Jeff Wuller


I wanted to take this time to communicate what has been going on with the NSDR and the NSDR Board this past six months.

One of the first initiatives which the NSDR Board looked at was to re-engage the use of committees. We also initiated a new committee to focus on the NSDR vision and goals and develop a NSDR 5 year plan. I assigned Don Rinkor as the Chairman on this committee which also included John Highfill, Gary Adkins and myself.

I am happy to announce that we have developed an initial 5 year plan and identified some goals to target, to achieve our vision. Below is our vision and goals which have been approved by the NSDR board on 8 June 2017 during the Long Beach Convention.

NSDR 5 Year Plan (Vision and Goals)
5 Year Vision:
– Increase Membership by creating value and a level of prestige for the members of the NSDR.
– Advance the knowledge of Numismatics, especially for all US Silver Dollar coinage.
– Increase membership 50% by Dec 2018.
– Improve website to increase interest and traffic.
A – (Increase traffic/hits on website by 30% by June 2018)
B – (Allow website to have capability for all levels of membership to join via website by Jan 2018)
– Enhance capability of Advancing Knowledge of Numismatics by end of 2017.


From these visions and goals some action items came out of this effort affecting multiple areas… Membership, Website, Advertising, Seminars and Education.

So you may be asking… What does this really mean?

Well, we are making some changes.

Membership Changes: The NSDR Membership Committee submitted and received approval to re-initiate the Collector Membership. The NSDR utilized Collector Memberships in the past and we have decided to bring it back! We are looking at two levels of Collector Members… more information will be coming soon.

Website Changes: We are wanting to improve the website, improving search engine optimization (SEO), graphics, content, capabilities for collector membership to join via website etc.

Advertising Changes: We are looking at multiple options for improving the knowledge about NSDR and increase membership levels.

Seminars and Education: We are adding additional seminars (CSNS convention), other training options and inclusion of training on website. I am pleased with efforts your board members have put into this organization. We have met many hours (some late nights) these past few months and have tackled some big issues and now the committees have a lot of work ahead.

I ask for your help, support and ideas as we move forward with these changes. Please let me or the committee chairs know your ideas on how to improve this organization.

Thank you to all the board members for your time and commitment as we steer this organization into the coming year!

NSDR President • Jeff Wuller

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